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Buchanhaven Heritage Centre

In 1780 there were around 50 families living in the village of Buchanhaven. They were concerned about the lack of a school and so a simple ‘But and Ben` school was built in 1787. It had 20 pupils and the school was in the area now called Ware Road.

In 1850 a new school was built on land donated by Ferguson of Pitfour. This is the building on Ugie Street. It had 125 pupils and the schoolmaster was paid one penny per pupil.

A new school constitution was developed in 1868 and the villagers paid for the school. The school closed in 1958 when the new Buchanhaven School opened on Hope Street. Many people still have very fond memories of their time at the school, and the teachers who inspired them.

Since 1958 the old school was used for many things but it mostly stood empty. A new group called Buchanhaven Heritage Society are now trying to use the building for a coffee shop, craft area, photograph display and to recreate a classroom. Fundraising is currently continuing but no firm date for the renovations has yet been set.