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Welcome to the Peterhead Trail

­Smugglers, Jacobites, secret passages, heroes, poets, unexpected Royalty, influential ladies, ghosts, war, witchcraft, murder, armed rebellion and piracy - a fine day out in Peterhead.

Put on your walking shoes and let the story begin…

From the haunting tale of Auld Harry in the harbour, to witch trials, and the dubious business activities of Bailie Alexander Elles - explore the town, and over 500 years of scurrilous gossip.

Which mysterious monarch turned up just before Christmas 1715? Meet Fisher Jessie, and see the gift that William of Prussia sent to the people of Peterhead. Find out how a loving Aunt's legacy caused terror, and hear how cannons salvaged from the Spanish Armada defended the town. Why is Peterhead called the Blootoon? Which U Boat commander flushed his career away off the Buchan coast?

Follow the Peterhead Trail for the whole torrid story of Britain's most easterly town. This is a free self-guided tour around Peterhead. 26 story boards tell tales from Peterhead’s past.

There are three routes – a short town centre route, a longer route incorporating the town centre and along the coast past Buchanhaven and the third is our brand new trail extension between Peterhead town centre and Prison Museum.

You don't have walk the whole trail at once - dip in and out at your own pace. Enjoy the fresh air and explore the UK's sunniest town. Printed trail maps are available at the Arbuthnot Museum and many other outlets around town or to download.

Project Aims & Objectives

Create a trail extension linking Peterhead Prison Museum to the town centre. Approximately 100,000 people visit the Prison Museum annually and by creating a link between the museum and the town we can collaborate with the museum to attract their guests into the town centre as part of their overall visit to Peterhead.

The extension will see 4 new panels installed at Peterhead Prison Museum, Reform Tower at Meethill, Scottish Marine Academy and St Peter’s Churchyard. The extension re-joins the existing trail at the Muckle Kirk. A 5th panel will be installed at the site of the original Peterhead Football Club Ground by Morrison’s.

Design and launch of a new Peterhead Trail website. Building on the concept for the original website, the new trail website will be visually appealing and contain full details on the Peterhead Trail as well as a small amount of tourism information to help attract visitors to the town. The website will act as a one-stop-shop for visitor information and help better promote the town to a leisure and tourism audience, linking to Rediscover Peterhead, Live Life Aberdeenshire, Invest in Peterhead and VisitAberdeenshire websites. The site will fulfil a request from town centre businesses in a recent business survey for the better promotion of the town.

Design and print of a new Peterhead Trail route map which will be available in print in Peterhead and key Visitor Information sites and as a PDF download online.

Strengthen connections to the Arbuthnot Museum and incorporating arts input.

To build capacity within the Steering Group and community to take ownership of the project to ensure its longevity, legacy and to secure ongoing funding by exploring commercial opportunities including advertising revenue to cover future costs.

Re-introduction of themed guided walks using volunteers during existing events including Scottish Week, Across the Grain and Light-Up Peterhead.

Creation of family-friendly website content for younger people which can be accessed directly via the website or by scanning an updated QR code on each existing and new Peterhead Trail panel and via social media.

Social media influencer visit to promote the extended trail to their followers.

Scots Radio video interview/feature of new developments and Peterhead Trail as a whole.

Financial support to Peterhead Port Oral History Project.

The oral history project will cover the area around the harbour in Peterhead. There have been (and continues to be) major changes in the harbour, impacting on the local community in addition to those directly involved in its activities. The nature of the fishing industry has seen significant changes and time is running out to capture the experiences of both the fishermen and the support workers who have lived and worked through this period. The oral history project will be led by the Elphinstone Institute at the University of Aberdeen with an overall management team recruited from the community and it is envisaged that there will be active participation by the schools and community volunteers in the interviewing process. Sandy Murray has been employed by Peterhead Port to lead on the development and fundraising for the oral history project with the estimated cost around £80,000 including dissemination of the final content.

The oral history content would be made available for use and publication through the Peterhead Trail website and social media.