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Brew Toon Microbrewery

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Go and see how Brew Toon produces small batch Craft Beer in the newly established 10 barrel microbrewery. Enjoy a beer (or two), as you are shown around the brewery and taught how to make quality, hand-crafted beer. After the tour you will be taken through to the Cafe Bar where you can sample some of the headliner craft beers and compare tasting notes with the bar staff.

The Craft Beer is key to this experience (obviously!). Brew Toon did not choose to collaborate with any other food/drink producers to create the brewery tour experience. It is completely unique and exclusive to Brew Toon. It is specific to the buildings heritage, the town’s nautical traditions & the core values that Brew Toon hold as a new craft beer microbrewery.

The microbrewery uses the best quality local products where possible, whether it is the top quality local raspberries that are crammed into the raspberry cream ale, or the award winning steak pies using the “Northern Sinner” black IPA.