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Monday 8 February 2021

Celebrating Peterhead’s Rich History

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Smugglers, Jacobites, secret passages, heroes, poets, unexpected Royalty, influential ladies, ghosts, war, witchcraft, murder, armed rebellion and piracy - a fine day out in Peterhead.

Put on your walking shoes and let the story begin…

From the haunting tale of Auld Harry in the harbour, to witch trials, and the dubious business activities of Bailie Alexander Elles - explore the town and over 500 years of scurrilous gossip.

Which mysterious monarch turned up just before Christmas 1715? Meet Fisher Jessie, and see the gift that William of Prussia sent to the people of Peterhead. Find out how a loving Aunt's legacy caused terror, and hear how cannons salvaged from the Spanish Armada defended the town. Why is Peterhead called the Blootoon? Which U Boat commander flushed his career away of the Buchan coast?

First launched to great fanfare in 2015, the Peterhead Trail is a ‘must-do’ when you visit Peterhead. What you see today in Peterhead is the modern-day part of the town’s story, from buildings to people and landscapes to seascapes.

Taking the time to explore and look for what is right in front of you but not normally visible is what the trail is all about. A great team of volunteers and historians worked tirelessly to bring the stories of Peterhead to life on the 25 trail panels that are located at key sites and locations.

There are three routes – a short town centre route, a longer route incorporating the town centre and along the coast past Buchanhaven and the third is our brand new trail extension between Peterhead town centre and Prison Museum.

You don't have walk the whole trail at once - dip in and out at your own pace. Enjoy the fresh air and explore the UK's sunniest town.

We look forward to sharing the stories of Peterhead with you.

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